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    Hosting your website with us is very straight forward and easy.

    If you have not done so already you can sign up for a free account with us at any time.

    Your account will allow you to access all the services you choose to take up with us and is also the place where you can set your personal details, make requests for added services, see all your payment details and pay your invoices..

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    We provide a FREE SERVICE to go over all the details for your proposed website.

    We understand and have a long history of developing websites that include such features as contact forms, e-commerce systems, payments systems, shopping carts, videos, audios, social integrations and more.

    A fully customised setup fitting your requirements will be discussed with you during further negotiations to ensure we can meet your requirements before any money is spent.

    Clicking the “Free Consultation” button will begin the process.

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    TOZAMAS Creatives


    Videos are a great way to tell a story and engage your audience.

    You can use videos to promote a product or service, inform customers of a sale or discount offer, relay a special event or promotion and to ask people to do something.

    Videos are also great attention grabbers on social media and help with added content and provide your followers with a reason to stay engaged with your brand.

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    Website Services Feedback

    Speed 98%
    Up Time 98.9%
    Reliability 99%
    Ease Of Use 100%
    • Basic
    • Business
    • eCommerce

    Video Services Feedback

    Design 100%
    SEO 98%
    Development 97%
    Social Media 96%